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COTERMOLA is an international nonprofit entity created to help organizations succeed and prosper in a world threatened by terrorism.

COTERMOLA is an international counterterrorism and counterintelligence Think-Tank, one of the first in Romania and in Eastern Europe. It was founded as a response to today’s dynamic global strategic security environment. It aims to become a highly selective and enviable place to work and exchange information, share experience, because of Think-Tanks’ influence on policy and decisionmakers through their production of high-quality research, and typically connects specialists and people with advanced degrees in the field.

COTERMOLA’s international network of experts provide counter-terrorism training, seminars, and security specialization in dealing with threats such as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), suicide bombers, and other forms of international terror striking both the public and private sector.

COTERMOLA established a  Monitoring Center to provide accurate and actionable intelligence about potential security threats throughout the world, mainly about terrorism and organised crime in the Europe and the Balkans, but also in other parts of the world. With a multilingual team of researchers and analysts, the Monitoring Center gathers and provides intelligence on terrorist activities and plans, information on international hot-spots, historical “red-flag” dates, and real-time security alerts.

COTERMOLA offers counterterrorism & money laundering monitoring, integrated threat assessment, crisis response and protection company. Based in Romania, it offers international services in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and North Africa. Cotermola coordinates a broad range of expertise to provide you with maximum results in a minimum time, whether the needs are as specialized as executive protection or as broad as anti-terrorism consulting.
COTERMOLA focuses on providing physical and human security personnel, assessing and mitigating security risks, and developing training programs performed by our network of experts.

COTERMOLA offers investigative services to find the best solutions for you.

contact: office@cotermola.com


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