Romanian Airports Association: improving safety and security by training all personnel

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A pilot-project, the first of its kind in Romania, aims to improve security and safety standards on Romanian airport. The EU-funded project, with great help from strategic partner SIVECO Romania, one of Romania’s leading IT companies, addresses 600 employees of Romania’s civil airports.

Daniel Idolu, project manager and Director of International Airport "Traian Vuia" Timisoara

Daniel Idolu, project manager and Director of International Airport “Traian Vuia” Timisoara

The Romanian Airports Association funds this new project through an operational program for training to employees of 15 airports in the country, including Timisoara International Airport “Traian Vuia”. 600 people, employees of 15 airports in the country, will benefit from this program operational. RAA organizes introductory courses in IT, technician and specialist courses in environment, and health and safety.

A project initiated by the Director of International Airport “Traian Vuia” Timisoara, Daniel Idolu, increase professionalism from all airports in Romania. In the two years since the beginning of the project attended several courses almost 500 people, from managers to all internal personnel and employees of companies operating on Romanian airports. By the end of the project, 600 people will graduate courses.
Romania Airports Association (AAR) held in Timisoara, the second regional conference in the strategic project “Training in aviation: safety at work and environmental protection in the use of modern technologies” – HRD Project ID 59569. Involved in project implementation, with AAR, and SIVECO Romania, as a partner. The conference was attended by directors and representatives of Romanian airports, Associate Members of AAR, representatives of the Civil Aviation Authority of Romania, local authorities and specialists in civil aviation.

Experts explained the need for investment in training human resources in order to increase competitiveness and efficiency in air transport, adapting the workforce to compete in the labor market and issues of improving working conditions. “We find that, in the current very dynamic civil aviation airports are facing increasingly numerous and complex challenges related to national and international competition, potential terrorist threats, new airport facilities requirements to ensure the highest standards to ensure safer and airport security, “said David Ciceo, president of AAR.

In Romania, calls in 2012, a traffic of about ten million passengers served by 2,500 employees of Romanian airports. Operational complexity of airport ICAO and EU requirements, specific national legislation determines the need for continuous training of human resources in airports, in compliance with national and international civil aviation. The project aims to further training and certification of 600 employees in aviation, so IT skills to develop new and enhanced skills training specific to the needs of Romanian airports. The project will run until 30 June 2013.

“Half the people who have done these courses are women. Managers were trained to service women. Usually people take classes in middle and top management, and now people have attended eight classes. For example, there was a special course for women that make cleaning service aircraft. This is great gain brought the project we conduct, that have integrated training all categories of staff. People feel involved had the opportunity to meet colleagues from other airports, “said Daniel Idolu, manager of the project and Director of International Airport “Traian Vuia” Timisoara.

Conclusions and proposals from all activities within the project will be the basis for two fundamental guides: “Human resources development strategy in airports in Romania” and “Guidelines for Good Practice in training employees in aviation,” the final results will be disseminated airports and associate members of the Romanian Airports Association.

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