Romanian Intelligence Service prevents Al Quaeda Attack in Bucharest

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Bucharest, an Al Qaeda terrorist target. A big terrorist attack was planned for the Holidays, place in a very crowded place.

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The Romanian Intelligence Service caught two Al Qaeda terrorists who were planning to commit an attack in a very busy place in  Bucharest during the holiday season. The Intelligence officers said  that if the two Pakistanis were not caught in time, they  could  have placed bombs in various public places.

The two would be expelled and banished to enter Romania for a 15 years period. The two Pakistanis terrorists had been in Romania for a longer period of time. They were both specialized in  chemistry, and one of them knew how  to manufacture bombs. The Pakistanis, aged 30 and 19, were trying to recruit people and get support for organizing the attack .

“It was established that they provided support for the conduct of all operations and were considered contact points under foreign coordination. Information was obtained to support the fact that that they were trying  to involve people known as supporters of the  jihadist structure that work with support contact  points in Romania”, Sorin SAVA, the spokesman  for SRI stated.

They would have planned terrorist actions on Romania’s territory, with the support of a Kosovo group.

“SRI has taken comprehensive measures to document  any preparatory activities for committing terrorist acts on the territory of Romania during winter holidays via an Al-Qaeda affiliated extremist” , SORIN SAVA, spokesman SRI continued.

The terrorists were detained and would  be removed  from Romania, following a SRI operation The suspects were taken to court  the Court of Appeal, which decided to declared them  undesirable for the next 15 years. Meanwhile, the two would  not be allowed to enter the territory of Romania. The  authorities monitor the situation and keep in touch with the intelligence services of the other Member States of the European Union.

The two Pakistani accused of terrorism were students at the Lucian Blaga University Sibiu. The two Pakistani citizens accused of terrorism and declared undesirable by a tribunal in Romania, Ramzan Muhammad, 30 years old and Adeel Muhammad, 19 years old were officially students at the University ‘Lucian Blaga’ of Sibiu, at Food Industry, the Evenimentul Zilei which quotes unidentifiable sources. Ramzan Muhammad was taking a doctorate in Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection, while Adeel Muhammad has been studying for two months at the Economic Sciences Faculty. They were declared undesirable persons for reasons of national security, under the accusation that ‘they would constitute supporting points under foreign coordination under conditions of conspiracy’, as the spokesperson of SRI Daniel Savu said. Romania TV stated, without quoting any source that ‘after all European countries refused them, out country received them to study, even by using European funds’.According to the daily Evenimentul Zilei , their mission was to recruit people to support the terrorist action. Good specialists in chemistry, the two Muhammad should have contributed to the construction of explosive gadgets. When everything is ready,’the terrorist students’ would have announced the connection people outside Romania. At the sign of Ramzan and Adeel, there would have followed ‘the executors’, those who should have applied the attack, Evenimentul Zilei added.

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