Who are the five Al Qaeda terrorists who transited Romania

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Romanian special Organized Crime Combat and Counterterrorism unit DIICOT charges: kidnapping, murder, torture, armed attacks against U.S. troops.

The five terrorists who have transited Romania are accused of several attacks against U.S. troops in Falujjah. Manaf Khalif Asi Sanad Al Karbouli was chief operative emir of Al Qaeda in 2003-2006 and was involved in several attacks against U.S. troops. Farid Omar Al Ahmed Al Uwaid Karbouli helped mujahideen in Iraq. Omar Kh. Asssey attacked U.S. military convoys in Falujjah and was accused of torturing a Jordanian citizen, who worked for the U.S. military. Muntasier Kh. Aass was directly involved with killing Iraqis accused of collaborating with the U.S. Army.

Romanian DIICOT prosecutors charged Iraqi Asae Mohamad Ali Dulaimi, accused of being linked to Al Qaeda terrorist organization. Prosecutors presented evidence against Iraqi citizens: Omar Farid Farid Ahmed alias Omar Al Ahmed Al Uwaid Karbouli, Falah M. Sanada Aces Salem Khalifa Al Manaf alias Karboului; Muntasier Kh. Aass alias Omar alias Muntasir Atla Ehud Klef Aasi The Karbouli, Aqeel Mohammed Omar Dhuyab and Kh. Asssey were involved in terrorist activities in Iraq, working for Iraqi Al Qaeda terrorist entity – AQI.

Al Dulaimi knew about their involvement in terrorist activities, helping them to leave Iraq where some of them committed acts of terrorism. In a parallel investigation , Romanian DIICOT unit prosecutors, asked for data and information, requesting assistance in criminal matters from judicial authorities of the Republic of Iraq, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Sweden and the Republic of Hungary.
According to COTERMOLA sources, Greek intelligence services also had an important role in the capturing of Al Dulaimi and in tracking and revealing this terrorist network. The information is not yet confirmed by the Romanian authorities.
Iraqi citizen FUOAD Obeid  AHMAD aka AL KARBOULI Fuad, operated in Romania under the fake identity “M. HOSSIEN FWAD” . He was questioned as a witness at the request of  DIICOT unit, on 12 May 2009 by prosecutors in Sweden. This witness admitted he knew  AL DULAIMI A. A. MOHAMAD under the identity “LOAY ALI ASI SANAD AL-KARBULI”. He also said he knew AL DULAIMI’s  brothers, and declared that they are cousins ​​with MANAF KHALIF ALI ASI SANAD AL-KARBOULI and MUNTASIER KHALIF ALI ASI SANAD AL-KARBULI, indicating Manaf Khalif Asi Sanad Al Karbouli as chief operative and emir of Al Qaeda cell between the years 2003 to 2006. The witness said he was aware that Al Dulaimi was arrested several times by the military in Iraq and that at that time, he lived in Hungary. The witness also stated that  UMAR FARID AHMAD AL-UWAID AL-KARBULI was a member of Al Qaeda.
The witness said that LOAY ALI ASI SANAD AL-KARBOULI helped 90 percent of Iraqis in Romania to obtain false passports and shipping documents, and some of them were involved in terrorist activities.
The witness told the Swedish authorities,  Omar Farid Al Ahmed Al Uwaid Karbouli fought for Al Qaeda as a member of the terrorist organization, also helping the mujahideen in Iraq, after which he embezzled money from Al Qaeda, which punished him for this action.
The witness said he was kidnapped by Al Qaeda fighters, while in the city of Homs, Syria and was tortured because he stole from Al Qaeda organization the amount of 100,000 U.S. dollars. In return for his release, his mother would have paid the money demanded by the kidnappers as a reward.
Witness MUNTASIER KHLEF ASI declared more details about their terrorist activities. Accoring to his testimony, OMAR KH. ASSEY is cousin of ZYAD KHALAF AL KARBOULI (important member of Al Qaeda) and that OMAR KH. ASSEY executed in 2005, a terrorist attack on a convoy for the Iraqi police, consisting of 12 cars that came from Jordan to Baghdad, killing all members of the convoy. The captured vehicles were given to the Al Qaeda emir responsible for the FALUJJAH area.
The witness also said they attacked a convoy of 2-3 cars that traveled from Jordan to Iraq, which was supposed to belong to the Israeli services, killing all the people in the vehicles.
They also kidnapped, on the Jordanian territory, a Jordanian citizen under  suspicion of working with the U.S. forces, they tortured and finally killed him, in Iraq.
About Omar Farid Ahmed, the witness said he was part of Al Qaeda and was appointed interim emir for AL QAIM area and was also responsible for foreign fighters brought in to fight for Al Qaeda. The witness said he personally saw Omar Farid Ahmed, in 2004-2006, involved in terrorist activities, wearing a mask and gun, together with Al Qaeda fighters in uniform. He also said he saw Omar Farid Ahmed in Bilal Shuhada area, along with other Al Qaeda fighters, attacking U.S. troops with rocket launchers.
Iraqi citizen ZYAD KHALAF AL KARBOULI was under investigation of Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish and Bulgarian investigators. He was known as a prominent Al Qaeda leader in the Jordan- Iraq border zone. ZYAD KHALAF AL KARBOULI was captured by Jordanian Special Forces, the Jordanian Military Court sentenced him to death in Jordan on 18 June 2008.
About the author:
Mircea Opris, former investigative journalist, is a counterterrorism analyst for COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank and security consultant at Israeli Protection Specialist. Mircea Opris graduated from the The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at Saint Andrews University, UK. As a counterterrorism analyst, he is founder of the Romanian-based COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank, dealing with counterterrorism, money laundering and organized crime monitoring. Mircea Opris is also founder of the Eastern European Counterterrorism Initiative, an international network of professionals in the field of counterterrorism, focused on Eastern Europe, the Balkans and North Africa.

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