Al Qaeda terrorist arrested in Romania

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A terrorist member of the Al Qaeda group was arrested by special intelligence/investigation unit DIICOT in Romania and will be prosecuted.
Dulaimi Mohammadm is a native of Iraq , and is accused of five other Iraqis helped to hide in Romania. Also, the Iraqi citizen is accused of terrorism activity in Romania, accordingto national laws, announced Romania TV, on its website  . Al Dulaimi helped five members of an Al Qaeda cell. The five are wanted for committing acts of terrorism in the name of the organization and using false identities. They are no longer present in Romania. Iraqi arrested terrorist set up four companies in Romania in order to help his countrymen to enter and leave the country and was caught by authorities in cooperation with intelligence services in Iraq, Hungary, Bulgaria and Sweden.
He was indicted for setting up an organized criminal group for smuggling and illegal migration activities, being accused for helping at least 20 other foreigners to transit Romania, targeting Western Europe.


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Mircea Opris, former investigative journalist, is a counterterrorism analyst for COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank and security consultant at Israeli Protection Specialist. Mircea Opris graduated from the The Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at Saint Andrews University, UK. As a counterterrorism analyst, he is founder of the Romanian-based COTERMOLA GRYPHON Think Tank, dealing with counterterrorism, money laundering and organized crime monitoring. Mircea Opris is also founder of the Eastern European Counterterrorism Initiative, an international network of professionals in the field of counterterrorism, focused on Eastern Europe, the Balkans and North Africa.

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    I’d love to know more about his group: members, dates, places, mission.


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