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* A biweekly journal focusing on not yet established & next to mainstream intel news *
* A biweekly journal with freedom of information news for specialists and researchers*
Two journals
Fringe Intelligence offers articles on not yet established intelligence news next to mainstream, ranging from intelligence and counterintelligence, via criminal intelligence and counter terrorism to parapolitics.
In special sections attention for NARINT: Natural Resources Intelligence [energy-, rare earth- and water-intelligence] and for Intelligence 2.0. [Are IT firms at the brink of overruling traditional govt intel?]
Fringe Spitting publishes for freedom of information [FOI] specialists, investigative journalists and other researchers, with a special focus on FOI practitioners and requesters, news on caseload, jurisprudence, litigation, tools, trends and also recently -via FOI requests- disclosed new old news, partly intelligence related.
Both journals contain a selection of already existing articles and both are biweeklies. In total more than 100 articles per month. Almost all articles are internet downloads; 90% is in English.
2,600 subscribers
This circulation means that both journals each in their own sector, respectively OSINT and FOI, have a top ranking in the communities of independent email journals and mailing lists around the globe.
60% of the subscribers are intelligence specialists, 25% journalists and 15% FOIA specialists. They live in 97 countries: 35% in NL, 5% in UK, 25% in US and 35% in the rest of the world. 15% of the subscribers are employees of govt bodies [50% of them in intelligence services] and 15% of universities and colleges.
The editor/publisher: Roger Vleugels
In 1986 I started my own office and my work as legal advisor and lecturer specialized in freedom of infor-mation and intelligence. Next to this regular work I publish since 2001 the Fringe journals.
I lectured on journalism basics, investigative journalism and FOIAs on journalism schools, universities and in company for students in or from Aruba, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hun-gary, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Ireland, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and UK. As legal advisor I filed since 1988 more than 3,500 FOIA requests for and with my clients, most of them journalists, most of them in the Netherlands.
As intelligence specialist I research, lecture, comment in the press, brief members of parliament and give advice to journalists and lawyers.
Surfing, searching, stringers and sources
The article gathering for Fringe is for a large part based on a small group of Dutch and foreign overt and covert stringers. Additionally my own gathering is based on surfing the net and on a range of subscrip-tions, feeds and alerts.
Some of the more specialised sources are: AIP Bulgaria, Article 19, BeSpacific, Bigwobber, Bits of Free-dom, Cryptogram, CFOI, Cryptome, EDRi-gram, EFF, EPIC, FOIANet, FreedomInfo, Geheim, Infowarrior, Intelforum, Intelligence ADI, The Memory Hole, Mother Jones, National Security Archive, NISA, OSINT, Privacy International, Secrecy News, Spy News, Statewatch, Terrorism Monitor and WikiLeaks.
Subscriptions are free of charge and enclose both journals
Interested? Mail Fringe Samples and you will receive once only the most recent issues of both.
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Kind regards, Roger Vleugels



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