Avertismentele ignorate ale Israelului

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Iubiți și urâți deopotrivă, israelienii se pricep bine, foarte bine la multe. Însă excelează în câteva domenii, printre care și cel al contraterorismului. Avertismentele date de către statul Israel despre evenimente din afara țării și chiar despre locuri în care nu există comunități evreiești au fost deseori ignorate. Să amintim că imediat după episodul Charlie […]

Forensic investigators are seen at the site of a shooting in Copenhagen February 14, 2015. Credit: Reuters/Mathias Oegendal/Scanpix Denmark

Europe’s new “soft targets”

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author: Mircea Opris With France, Belgium and now Denmark under terrorist attacks, a new approach has been taken against some of the European countries that did not have to deal with terrorism in years or almost never in their recent history. A “new” modus operandi was brought back from the late 70’s – early 80’s. […]

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Control Risks PRESENTS RiskMAP 2015

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Control Risks is pleased to announce the launch of RiskMap 2015, our authoritative guide to business risks. The coming year will continue to present risks that are new, perplexing and, at times, violent. The business world needs to do more than persevere. It must seek new ways to engage and to thrive. Join us as we […]

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The latest issue of PRIVATE OPS MAGAZINE. Of course, free to read and free to download!

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We are pleased to offer you the latest issue of PRIVATE OPS MAGAZINE. Of course, free to read and free to download! http://privateopsmagazine.com/private-ops-magazine-september-2014-issue-all-yours-free-to-download-free-to-read/ Single page version: PrivateOpsMagazineSeptember2014_SINGLE PAGE Double page version: PrivateOpsMagazineSeptember2014_DOUBLE PAGE

Taking a London-Cab in Pristina is an opportunity I could not miss

New Western-Related Corruption Scandals Hit Kosovo

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Pristina – a paradise for underground business, from poor surviving locals to high-rank Western politicians. In Kosovo, the official but unrecognised currency is the Euro. Anything you pay, you pay in euros. And you will get, 99 times out of 100, an official receipt. In euros. Is Kosovo in the “Euro-zone”, where Eastern-European EU member […]


Certificare si Cursuri de pregatire la The International Center for Special Training of Protection and Security “Alfa-Metal” in 2013

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In anul 2013, The International Center for Special Training of Protection and Security “Alfa-Metal” din Bulgaria, in parteneriat cu The International Close Protection, Security and Anti-Terrorism Training Academy,  in colaborare cu Cotermola Gryphon Think Tank din Romania, invita firmele private de paza si securitate, operatorii privati independenti, cluburile sportive de profil din domeniul securitatii si […]

30 days in jail for Serbia’s richest man

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BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — A judge on Friday ordered the richest man in Serbia to be held in prison for 30 days pending trial on suspicion of corruption, as the government hailed his arrest as proof that no one is above the law in the graft-plagued country. The arrest of influential billionaire retail tycoon Miroslav […]